Income producing property


Quality construction in prime locations


Investors and Joint Ventures with aligned goals

real estate acquisitions and development through experience and precise execution.


As seasoned investors, Archer Property participates in a broad spectrum of real estate opportunities as both minority and majority partners.  Our extensive experience and relationship have allowed us to successfully invest in retail, multi-family, senior living and industrial projects.


Nearly two decades of experience in sourcing, underwriting, securing debt & equity financing and acquiring commercial real estate with an eye toward long-term cash flow and appreciation through successful tenant relationships and lease negotiations.


Disciplined pursuit of development opportunities that have intrinsic value, combined with conservative analysis, has been Archer Property’s proven strategy resulting in healthy returns on projects we are proud to have acquired, entitled and built.


Archer Property appreciates its current partners and investors, and looks forward to future collaboration opportunities with a common goal of building and owning profitable real estate.  We invest our own funds in all of our projects to ensure complete alignment of goals between ourselves and our partners.

Who we are

Archer Property is a real estate development and investment firm born from a desire to create a vehicle to invest its own funds, oftentimes alongside partners or investors, with integrity and patience.  Our unwavering belief  in quality projects over quantity has provided Archer Property and its investment partners with sustained and healthy risk-adjusted returns.  With emphasis in multi-family residential and commercial retail properties, our purpose is to grow wealth by creating value through development and leasing and enhance long-term cash flow by remaining vested in property that creates monthly income.

If you are interested in partnering or have an opportunity in which Archer Property can invest or purchase, we would appreciate hearing from you.  We value relationships and would be grateful for the opportunity to work together today or in the future.